New Entreprise Object Relational Mapping Framework

neormf (New Entreprise Object Relational Mapping Framework) is a Bottom-Up Code Generation Framework (From database schema to UI Components througth Business Components) for a number of languages/plateforms (actually Java/J2EE and C#/DotNet) and architectures, following main design patterns and frameworks.

The main ideas of neormf are : Indeed, using (almost) the same configuration files it would generate either a J2EE application components (EJB Entities, EJB Sessions "Facade", Value Objects...etc) or a DotNet Application (DTO, DAO and BO objects).

This project is based on four subprojects:

Download latest release of Neormf

Latest release is 0.1 here.


Java Development Kit(JDK) 1.4 is required for running this tool.